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The Dark Side of Home Inventory Apps

The type of technology that has come out in just a few short years is nothing short of spectacular 聊天室. People these days are able to do from their phone things that used to be described only as science fiction. From getting directions, to getting the latest news, our phones have become part of our every day lives. However, with all this fascinating technology, not everything should be done on a phone.

If you have ever looked into having a home inventory conducted on your home, you’ve likely come across the myriad of iPhone and Android apps that give you guidance into conducting a home inventory yourself 交友網. These apps usually have categories within them that allow you to type into the phone what you own and where it’s located. Form there you can upload your house’s information to the app’s server which stores it if you should ever need to retrieve it. On the surface, this sounds like a great idea, but there are some key issues to these apps that raise red flags. Below are a few reasons why an app doesn’t come close to replacing a qualified home inventory service provider.

Do it yourself – If you have the time and energy there is nothing stopping you from conducting your own home inventory 識女仔方法. Unfortunately, you have to ask yourself why haven’t you completed one yet? For many people, they begin in a room in their house, taking photos and gathering information on their belongings and before they know it, 2 hours have past and they’ve only documented one room. The thought of continuing on is dreadful so they put the task aside for another day which turns into another week and then a month and so on and so on. A home inventory service provider conducts home inventories for a living. They have a specific process in which to accurately take down information, photographing and video taping items so to take as little time out of your day as possible. The process is fast and painless with little effort on your part. In a nutshell: They take care of everything.

Accuracy – If you complete your home inventory on your own, how do you know if it’s accurate? Well, you don’t really. Most apps give you basic guidelines on what is generally in a room and have you write down information on them. Unfortunately, the guidelines can actually steer you away from properly taking down information. “This is a set of antique glass bottles, but the app only lets me type in glass vase. What should I do?” Home inventory businesses get quite a few calls from people who attempted to conduct their own home inventory, only to improperly document items of value that mean a difference in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They call because they realize that something as important as a home inventory should be done right. A professional home inventory service provider uses high quality photo, video and documentation that compliment one another. They are able to determine exactly what an item is, give it an estimated value and a “life date.” You simply can’t get this level of detail with an app using a phone’s camera.

Security – We often take for granted the security of the internet. For the most part, information we provide is kept safe. Many home inventory applications give the option of putting your information on their server to be kept online in case it’s needed. This sounds like a great idea until you realize that all a server really is, is a hard drive attached to the internet. The photos, and detailed information on every valuable in your house, is being stored on a hard drive in some other state or country. One could say that banking is done online and that seems relatively secure. Sure, but banks spend millions of dollars every year to hacker-proof their servers and people still have their information taken. You can bet that an app’s server isn’t backed by millions of dollars of security.

What the real problem with keeping your home inventory on the server of an application is the possibility of that company moving or going out of business. You don’t know the people behind these companies and they don’t know you. How do you know what they’re going to do with the most detailed information on your home? Do they keep it, destroy it, sell it?

You are much better off staying local: Find a home inventory service provider in your area that can stand behind their product. Local home inventory companies are members of the communities in your area who value your security. They aren’t some faceless company in the cloud. You can feel safe with the information you give them, because they have their integrity on the line. They store your information OFFLINE in an encrypted hard drive, away from the slightest possibility of being hacked.

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