TFT Best Characters – A Breakdown by Purpose

There are several reasons that TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Best Comps are superior to guardian angel units. They are smaller, have greater range, can be used in more locations, are extremely compact, and are more reliable for their cost. The first two reasons are simply not true with guardian angels. guardians are bulkier, larger and more expensive.

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TFT Best Comps is also much more durable than their godparents. There is no reason to believe that a small TFT unit will bend, break, or chip. Godparents units are prone to these things. In contrast, TFTs are almost indestructible.

Starters will usually have a small core, but large outer buffers. These TFTs should be paired with the best comps to insure an effectual execution of your strategy and game plan. If your TFT’s are not paired with top comps, your entire game plan and strategies could go south TFT Best Comps .

Many experienced observers and TFTers will disagree about which TFT Best Comps is the most important. My favorite comps are the main carry comps and the s-tier comps. The main carry comp is a very flexible composition that can be built and adjusted to almost any location on the map. This means you can almost never trip if your main carry comp is misfiring on you. I have used this TFT composition to burst out of stealth, catch a key player out of position, win a comp fight, and secure kills all day in a row without getting killed or slowed down by anyone.

S-tier comps, also called situational comps, are my favorites. These are TFTs that are designed to counter a specific type of play, usually whatever the main purpose of the team comp is. For example, the best comps for Tanking Sides are the tanks, ranged DPS, and mobility support. The S tier gives you plenty of opportunities to do that. Some examples of good S-tier comps are the dive comp, the counter hunger comp, and the bait & switch comp.

The main issue with these TFT Best Comps is that they are extremely dependent on other abilities. When you’re building them, always make sure you have other abilities that compliment your comp. If you have a s-tier damage dealer, don’t put another Damage Dealer ability on the same spot where your DPS dealer is. That is the number one reason why people use these TFT Best Comps and can’t seem to do well. They either have too much DPS or too much attack speed for whatever they’re doing. When you play the game, this is what happens all too often and it’s why you should know how to counter it.

The final TFT Best Comps in my opinion would be the by, zed blademaster’s comp, and the burster comp. The yi is a godly burst damage dealer, so it’s great to use as a primary weapon or if you can get a few with archers/mortar agents to hit the same mob you just killed then it’s even better. The zed blademasters comp is amazing as an opener, but it’s a little weak when you need to poke down a few mobs. The burster comp is strong at closing the gap on you, especially if you’ve stacked some engery procs, but it lacks damage.

In my experience, TFT Best Comps is very good in Cyrodiil because of all of the mobs that can be popped and killed really fast. However, you will always find the same stuff in the maps, so you might want to do the grinding more often. If you’re not that interested in grinding, then I suggest picking up cyrodiil later as it has much more going for it. I myself started playing WOW because of the delve leveling guide and I fell in love with the game.

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