The Truth About The DCHL Lampe Berger Ordeal Exposed By A Former Distributor

Truth be told, you’re curious about this DCHL stuff and the Lampe Berger product and you’re either one of three people. Either you are a current distributor of DCHL who is probably going to jump the gun and say this isn’t a scam and it’s legit, or you are another one of those who think MLM is another scam altogether and never want to feel ripped off by this thing or finally, you’re just the person in between who’s just curious about what the whole fuss is about.

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I’m going to unload with the experience coming from a former DCHL distributor myself who still actually uses the Lampe Berger product. Although I failed in this venture and lost money (as well as gained it), I’ll shoot straight and say that DCHL is not a pyramid scam (that’s probably the most common and retarded assumption that those who have NO idea about direct sales whatsoever like to make all the time. They have no idea how retarded they sound when they always poke the same old “oh is that a pyramid scam?” etc.) and is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that seems to be fond of marketing French antique-based products. couches melbourne

Now I can get into a whole ‘nother argument as to how MLM isn’t a pyramid scam or whatever name you want to call it, I’m just here to let you know about my experience with DCHL. Although there are several reasons why this company is awesome and badass, there are also several flaws that also probably accounted to why I’m not in DCHL today. A lot of current DCHL distributors are probably going to try and bite me, but this is my experience and here are my thoughts.

I’m not here to do a sales demonstration for DCHL – I already told you that I’m no longer a distributor so I have nothing to gain by telling you how absolutely awesome the products are (as expected of most MLM companies). I mainly use what is perceived as the flagship product of DCHL – the Lampe Berger. In fact, I still use it today. But that’s not really why people join an MLM company right? Contrary to what a lot of MLM newbies, people don’t actually join DCHL because the products are sexy – they join these deals because they want to make money. I know a lot of people are clenching their teeth with me saying that but face it – if it’s just the products that they want, then why don’t we all just be customers? Of course, we were also in it for the money.

And that’s exactly what I did. I made money as a DCHL distributor selling Lampe Berger products to almost anybody I could think of – from personal contacts to restaurants, bars and even corporate organizations. I invested about almost $11,000 into the products in order to re-sell and become upgraded to the ‘Count’ status (fancy distributor level) so I can earn bigger commissions or something. I did have a successful run for a short while with DCHL since I made a lot of contacts through my experience as well as got the word out with some nice bars and lounges that started using the product.

So there was no doubt the products became popular for a while. I even attempted to diversify by getting into the Estebel as well as the Ed Pinaud fragrance range which were other product lines from DCHL too. I managed to sell most of that stuff to my personal contacts and close friends more so than the corporates.

This may be an experience unique to just myself, so I am speaking on behalf of nobody else. I was a Melbourne distributor and I’ll be straight up and say that logistics for this absolutely sucked. But that probably was my fault. It cost me having to order the products in BULK and then having to deliver them myself (the essential oils of Lampe Berger were flammable) and I had to keep cartons and cartons of the product at my place as well as a friend’s house because I had no room left (I had to order in bulk, remember?).

I don’t recall DCHL having an office in Melbourne at the time, so I couldn’t exactly walk into a warehouse and collect the goods. I had to order them from Sydney or something and they delivered to my home address (I couldn’t exactly have them delivered to each client individually, because everything was coming in bulk!). From my experience in this business (probably not the fault of DCHL), I decided that I’m done with physical products.

But that wasn’t the end of it. I saved the best ’til last on this one. This is the biggest whopper that a lot of MLM companies including perhaps DCHL (at the time) lacked and WHY 97% of people FAIL in deals like this. Once again, I’ll shoot straight with this and openly say, without regard of all the others who want to probably shoot me down – the training absolutely sucked.

Training, you say? Yes they have awesome product training. They taught us how to use the Lampes, and even taught a lot of the female distributors how to use the cosmetics and stuff. But that’s NOT the kind of training I’m talking about folks.

Put it this way – yes I made some decent cash from selling DCHL products. I made a decent amount of money selling Lampe Berger to my contacts, who were both personal friends as well as people who were higher up in the corporate ladder. But the problem was that these qualities were most often than not, exclusive to just myself. And the people I sponsored? They were full-time workers, who probably didn’t have the motivation to network and connect with people as much as I did. They didn’t have the connections that I did or the resources I had to be able to market Lampe Berger products.

What does that mean? Remember, just like most MLM opportunities, DCHL had a pay plan that had you making the most money through sponsoring downlines and duplication. The skills, resources and connections I had were certainly NOT duplicate-able by the people I prospected. So what happened was that I struggled to sponsor people because hardly anyone was willing to do what I was doing.

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