Should the FDA Allow Big Pharma to Outsource Prescription Drug Making to China?

It appears that most of the pharmaceutical companies are now making the drugs in China, or planning to move production there. Some are even moving their R and D departments too. One of the major pharmaceutical companies, which I care not to mention by name or to further exploit their decision, stated that; “the labor in China is cheaper, and better educated.”

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The CEO was explaining that they really had no choice but to move their factory floor to China. In reality China is America’s factory floor and companies want to save money and manufacturing to increase their quarterly profits, and boost their shareholders equity.

This is all good and fine, and yet we’ve had some problems with China with regards to drywall, pet food, tooth paste, and protein supplements for fish, and other products. We’ve also had trouble with food supplements, vitamins, and other healthcare products. Are we sure we can’t trust the factory floor in China, and if this is really about the cost, and if the American taxpayer via the government is paying for pharmaceuticals as part of Medicare, shouldn’t the “China Price” be passed on to the taxpayer.

And, while I am discussing this shouldn’t we put FDA regulatory people in China to monitor those US pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, to carefully inspect their facilities, their products, and their processes? And if we are going to put US regulators with the FDA in China, that is going cost us more, so shouldn’t those pharmaceutical companies also foot that bill, for the higher cost of having additional offices in China F95zone ?

Personally, like many Americans I am an anti-drug guy, and believe we are absolutely over medicating Americans, and this is deteriorating health in many ways, and we have far too many people taking far too many drugs, and thus there are far too many potential eventualities when it comes to the interaction between the various combinations of drugs people are taking. In this case each person who takes multiple drugs becomes their own laboratory. So I thought I would clarify that, so no one would be surprised which side of the fence I am on with regards to the pharmaceutical industry.

What we have is a Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, which is part of the Medical Industrial Complex, which seems to have gotten away from us. And we all know there are more lobbyists in Washington DC for the pharmaceutical industry then there are congressmen and women. All this poses a problem, and to move all those jobs to China, without lowering the cost of prescriptions, and putting them far away from the regulators is completely problematic.

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