Do You Really Need Supplements? – Know the Facts

The health market is flooded with nutritional health supplements but do you think you really need a supplement? This article has given the real fact on whether you need a supplement or not?

After watching a promotional presentation of a recently launched nutrition supplement, I wondered how many normal persons would begin to take them and how many of those people really needed them. Not only I but many of my friends asked an expert on nutrition the same questions. The expert said that misguided information about supplements is leading more people who need less or no supplements to take them. For example, recently a body builder’s comment in a health program on TV informed the viewers that one does not get adequate proteins by eating food and therefore one requires supplements!

The fact is that those who really need supplements are the hungry or undernourished people who can’t afford to buy them Roid24 reviews . On the other hand, those who can afford to buy supplements and do take them regularly do not really need them because they can get adequate nutrients from natural foods if they balance their food intake well. Supplements are best utilized by patients in a clinical setup when properly prescribed by the dietitian.

Most of the supplements are available through network marketing and not directly from the shop. Those who sell or promote these supplements claim that product helps to prevent a disease or disorder or promote healthy function.

Though many have long lists of ingredients and nutritional values printed on the labels, most consumers either do not read or don’t understand the terms. Some studies show that a nutrient in excess can actually cause harm. The bottom line is that nothing can replace the goodness of natural foods and their nutrients. So the next time a supplement is pushed into your palms, think before buying it. One should ask for professional advice from a qualified nutritionist before buying it.

Nutritional health supplements are important as I am a firm believer that you should not take medications (prescriptions or over the counter) unless absolutely necessary. Why? Well ever since I was kid there was always vitamin supplements in the house. As most inquisitive kids are you knew I would ask what they were for. My dad explained that they are for your body to keep it healthy and strong in order to keep our immune system strong and avoid getting sick and otherwise health prevention from cancer, etc. I remember never seeing my Dad home sick from work so it made sense. Of course not having full understanding of this I agreed and said where are the Flintstone vitamins (chewable). Myself, have never stopped taking them since.

How often do you get a slight cough or runny nose and it just lingers on and on for a month or so? How about dodging those evil occasions and rarely getting sick any more. Now does it usually depend on what you take, absolutely. Sure heredity does have something to do with it. Do you work outside? Do you work behind in a desk? Is work physically stressful or just mental on your body? Multi Vitamin Supplements taken daily do help.

If nobody out there thinks it matters, think about these questions. Why are so many people dying from cancer, heart attacks, stress related diseases, simple infection even at such early ages. I had a very good friend die from kidney cancer he was around 40. I am not sure what his diet was like exactly or his exercise regimen. But this just reinforces the fact that everyone should take their daily food supplements.

People you need to take better care of your bodies. Watch what you eat. Get some minimal amount of exercise each day. Vitamin Supplements can help. If your family is known to have a history of heart disease there are nutritional supplements to keep your body working great. Some vitamins are even specialized for arthritis or joint problems which comes with age. As well as some others.

One very important point though. Not all vitamins are the same like every other industry. Just one point to mention is the absorption percentage rate of the vitamins you take makes a huge difference. Some of them could flow right through your stomach and intestines with basically no absorption. Make sure this number is a high number.

Another good point is I had taken some powder supplements in weight gaining and the absorption ratio was not good. A result of my own ignorance before we all learn these things. So they do exist in many forms.

Bottom line we are always on the run with work, kids, having fun, etc. Does everybody eat well, of course not. But the cost of a bottle of vitamins is very small in comparison too the health problems you will avoid in the future. You only need to work some basic exercise & nutritional supplement.

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