Gambling games are very widespread, there are lots of them circulating, you could even say their spread is increasing from year to year. I don’t know who is to blame if this is the case, because as is well known that gambling itself has a bad impact on a country as well as its citizens. Where gambling can be one of the destroyers of future generations and gambling can spend money of the players.

Gambling has a lot of fans, many from the community ranging from students to adults who are trapped in the gambling circle dominoqq terpercaya . Without them realizing the risks or bad effects that gambling can cause.

Gambling that is currently being widely played by people is online gambling, where people who want to play online gambling are very easy with only an internet network. There are so many examples of online gambling including online domino gambling, online poker gambling, dominoqq online.

Actually, the existence of gambling has been banned by the government, but unfortunately there are still many people who are trapped or even unable to get out of gambling. Even though it is clear that the government will act decisively for gamblers by issuing laws that serve to provide legal threats to gamblers.

Gambling is a criminal act, because the government has officially issued a law and enforced that gambling is against the law. Therefore stop before you will deal with the authorities due to playing gambling. Of course the government issued the law not without reason.

The negative impact of gambling on a person is greater than the positive impact it presents. Its bad effects include, gambling makes lazy, gambling makes depression, gambling, causes bankruptcy, gambling can spend money. And there are many more bad effects or effects given by the gambling.


Gambling is something that has existed from ancient times to the present, gambling itself is actually not only in Indonesia but also available throughout the world. Where, of course, each country around the world can be sure that almost all of them prevent gambling by their citizens. This is of course because gambling has a bad impact or effect on the perpetrators. One kind of bad effect is that gambling can spend money

That gambling can spend money, is not something that can be taken lightly. Because where for gambling players who experience a very big defeat, of course, it will be a very strong blow for them. The money can be used for more useful things or savings for the future rather than just being used for gambling.

The next effect that can be caused by gambling is where when the money of the gamblers runs out, it is not impossible that the gambling players will commit other criminal acts. For example, robbing, or killing in order to get money that can be used to gamble again.

Another effect is that someone who runs out of money due to gambling may be mentally or depressed where that person will continue to regret their money that was used up just because it was used to gamble and lost.

Gambling is pointless right?

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